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Bethesda, Maryland is a very active city that offers a wealth of sports options for children and adults alike. Whether you are looking for indoor or outdoor sports you will have a lot of choices in Bethesda. Sports like swimming, soccer and baseball are very popular for children and there are numerous leagues and teams that children can join. With many prominent high schools, both public and private, in the Bethesda area you'll find that all of the major sports are played including football, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, wrestling, field hockey, swimming, track and field, baseball, tennis and golf. Since the the local schools are of such high quality the coaching tends to be excellent and the level of competition and facilities also are very high.

There are also lots of sports clubs and sports leagues for adults in Bethesda, Maryland. Whether you are looking for masters swimming, running, triathlon, basketball, softball, soccer, flag football, volleyball, tennis or even dodgeball there is a group to play or train with in Bethesda. Bethesda also has an excellent selection of indoor and outdoor facilities including a YMCA, numerous health clubs, well maintained athletic fields and direct access to Rock Creek Park.

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